Flipping Homes or Leasing Homes?

Getting good solid real estate deals can be difficult without the right people. Having to look at the properties daily and understanding the neighborhood takes a lot of time. I just met with some potential clients that have their own construction and just want me to purchase and sale their homes. I met with their contractor and wow he is great for their needs, now all I have to do is find some great properties for them.

When your flipping homes you need to a equity position that benefits you in a short days on market or long days on market.  My formula does just that…after 100’s of flips in Arizona and Ohio that knowledge has been a lot of hard work.

Just talked to a client over seas that I am meeting with next week that wants to start buying a lot of income real estate. They have buyers that want portfolios that are quality and make them money. Knowing both Arizona and Ohio I can fit their specific needs.  I can get them properties that really fit their mold and are able to be sold to their investors for a profit.  I am also going to Manage those properties to get the projected results.

Both types of real estate can be very beneficial to any portfolio.  The key to any properties success is making sure the areas have all the attractions. For example a lot of people like the better schools, they need shopping, they need places to entertain and it needs to have a positive employment that really attract professionals and their families. That is all the attractions needed to be successful.

Having all that in a city creates success in making money for my clients. Need to get into Flipping Homes, or Leasing homes please call me first. My name is Brett and i am a licensed Realtor in Arizona and Ohio.  Call 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premier Properties and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty. Check out the video below!


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